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Skin protection


addition to protecting against agents, more

skin protection products


help prevent the penetration of agents into the skin. A protective barrier against irritating and damaging substances is built up.
The selection of the right protective products depends on the type of working material.
In the

case of

highly adhesive substances, the use of skin protection products before work
can facilitate the
cleansing of
the skin. By shortening the

cleansing time, the skin is less

stressed and therefore treated more gently. Choosing the right product:An
essential selection criterion is the solubility of a working substance, is it soluble in water or insoluble in water

For example, cleaning agents or solvents remove the skin very strongly. If no precautions are taken here in time, the body's own barrier function of the skin

can be disturbed

and thus bacteria and harmful substances can penetrate deep into the skin and permanently damage it.

It is

important to always


the appropriate skin protection ointment

as this is the only effective way to protect the skin.

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