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NITRASTAEKI5 gloves and bracers are made from a high quality special yarn. This specially refined yarn is manufactured with a fibre from Germany, which is characterised by a very high mechanical resistance and even withstands situations with heat exposure. Thanks to this property, this fibre is preferably used by well-known manufacturers from various industries (e.g. automotive, aviation) and processed into resistant, high-performance products. Thus, users benefit from heat and cut protection with NITRASTAEKI5.mfassFurther advantages are the highe Abriebfestigkeit, highest cut protection, highest dexterity and a pleasant wearing feeling.

NITRAS Cow full leather and cow split leather gloves TÜV/GS certifiedThe

NITRASleather gloves offer good protection and are characterized by a selected TOP leather quality. A very pleasant wearing comfort and a long service life round off the various NITRASmodels. The speciality with the leather gloves lies here however in the fact that all models TÜVRheinland and GS are founded which emphasizes the good quality again. The full cowhide leather and split cowhide leather gloves can therefore be used universally for almost all medium to heavy work, e.g. in the building trade and trade in general, transport, storage and packaging, horticulture and agriculture, rough assembly and repair work.

NITRAS MIZU Food Certified Protective GlovesMIZU gloves
are made of fine, seamless nylon knit and coated with a special Impraniel coating. Impraniel is a water-based PU dispersion produced by Bayer. It is free of solvents and pollutants and is therefore ideal for handling food. In addition, the Impranil coating ages and turns yellow much more slowly than other PU coatings and thus contributes to the fact that the glove can be used longer. In addition to protecting your health, MIZU also protects the environment. Mizu gloves are used in many applications. They offer outstanding quality and perfect protection as well as optimum wearing comfort, dexterity and breathability.
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