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Industry-leading products from Honeywellthe company provide specialized, proven protection against chemical splashes, flying parts, particulate matter and hazardous radiation.

For example, the HoneywellBionic Set, FB 1011624, manufactured to EN 166, EN 169 & EN 170 standards. Large visors of the highest quality for maximum visibility, easily replaceable lenses and a comfortable seat even with safety goggles or respiratory protection. The HoneywellBionic Set has a locking mechanism formfassultimate safety, is 100% dielectric, has a fully adjustable ratchet head mount, adjustable headband, multiple adjustable tilt, and extra soft cushioning of all parts that come into contact with the head. Air-permeable, extremely soft sweatband, removable and therefore easy to wash and replace.

Or the Honeywellhead holder with screw cap Clearways CB 20. Safe, practical, economical - a robust and durable product. A weight of only 160 g enables all-day, convenient use. Acetate visor discs offer high resistance to chemical substances. The tightly sealing attachment of the disc offers additional protection against the leakage of chemicals.

In addition to the head and respiratory tract, the eyes should also be well protected. Because the special eye protection should not be underestimated. Also in this area is Honeywellexemplary. The range includes the latest generation of safety goggles, which impress with their sealing and excellent wearing comfort. Individual adjustment options and scratch-resistant lenses always ensure an optimum all-round view with protective goggles from Honeywell
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