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ATG Gloves

ATG Arbeitshandschuhe!

Safety at work with a safe grip! The hand is our most important tool and therefore it requires special protection at work. All the better if the ATG work gloves help you to increase the quality of your work. ATG is a traditional manufacturer that uses the latest technologies and continuously develops its work gloves in terms of quality and functionality. The company manufactures everything itself, such as coating & twisting the yarn, knitting the lining, finishing & packing the work gloves, and guarantees that nothing is outsourced. ATG work gloves are designed to improve hand performance and optimize it through productive innovation. ATG guarantees that its products come "fresh from the pack" and are completely skin-friendly, extremely comfortable to wear and extremely durable. ATG work gloves have the dermatological seal of approval of the Skin Health Alliance. They have been washed before packaging and are certified according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. All ingredients used meet the requirements of the European REACH regulation and none of our products contain SVHC. The selection is small but fine. As ATG concentrates on the essentials, only four product lines are offered, which meet all the different practical requirements. These are called MaxiFlex, MaxiCut, MaxiDry and MaxiChem. One of ATG's best-known work gloves is the MaxiFlex Ultimate 34-874, which enjoys great popularity in practice. ATG work gloves are available in various sizes and coatings.

  • MaxiChem for working with chemicals

    MaxiChem is designed to work with chemicals that require longer and stronger protection. MaxiChem has been tested and certified to EN 374-3. The MaxiChem series is the new generation of chemical resistant gloves that combine grip, comfort and chemical resistance. Safety note: If you are looking for a chemical resistant glove, you need to make sure that the glove you choose and its chemical composition really do protect against the chemicals you work with.

    MaxiFlex Ultimate for precise work

    The Maxiflex Ultimate is a breathable glove that has set the standard for precision work in dry conditions. MaxiFlex features an extremely long life - thanks to DuraTech coating technology, the gloves can easily withstand 18,000 abrasion cycles per millimetre, and the MaxiFlex is twice as durable as other gloves in its class per millimetre of coating. The Maxiflex series also includes other models such as the MaxiFlex Elite (offering maximum comfort and excellent tactile sensitivity), MaxiFlex Active (with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera), MaxiFlex Comfort (soft, absorbent cotton lining, for extra comfort), MaxiFlex Endurance (for improved padding and abrasion resistance) and MaxiFlex Cut (comfort and cut resistance in one).


    MaxiCut breathable cut-resistant glove for precise work

    The MaxiCut is a breathable, cut-resistant glove that combines cut protection with comfort, flexibility and excellent tactile sensitivity and is designed for dry conditions. Available in 6 sizes, 2 coatings and 4 levels of cut protection (2, 3, 4 and 5). Also available are the MaxiCut Oil models (cut protection under oily conditions cut protection level 2,3,4 and 5 palm and ¾ coated). Special feature of the MaxiCut series is the reinforcement between thumb and index finger, improves the cut resistance and extends the durability of the gloves at a known weak point.

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