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Bollé Safety

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Welding goggles & helmets are of course indispensable for protection against electric arcs and glowing metal splashes. Even minor carelessness can cause very unpleasant burns and permanent injuries to the head and eyes. Bollé Safety prevents this. Among others, the SQUALE SQUWPCC5 welding oversight Bollégoggles would be a good alternative. It optimally protects the eyes of all spectacle wearers. The anti-scratch coating acts as a protective film that improves the resistance of lenses and prevents scratches. This coating prolongs the life of the glasses and improves user comfort, as scratches could restrict the field of vision. The PC lens has a welding tint of 5. BolléSafety's B-Line

over/visitor glasses are a very good eye protection against Gefahren, which can occur most frequently in commercial risks. An example of the expertise and quality of BolléSafety. Like the Bollébasket glasses UNIVIS 10 U10PI. Its nylon frame with the characteristic screw makes the UNIVIS 10 one of the essential safety goggles. Disc changing is child's play. The asymmetrical lenses can be mounted on either side and are made of clear polycarbonate.

Full vision goggles for full eye protection. Unparalleled wearing comfort and flexible usage options make BolléSafety full vision goggles anm absolute must at work. The BLAST BLEPSI full vision Bollégoggles are a good example of this. Their unmatched wearing comfort and flexible usage options make these glasses a Bollémust. Together with the Visor accessories, BLAST offers the same degree of protection as a face visor. It has an outer gutter for fluid transport, a three-jointhbhinge and an adjustable headband. The BolléBLAST BLEPSI allows you to wear a half mask and can be worn over corrective glasses. Of course, BolléSafety offers you a comprehensive range of accessories. Among them are stylish spectacle cases, spectacle ribbons and cleaning cloths. You will also receive replacement visors in various types.
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