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3M Breathing - Eye Protection, Hearing Protection and Protective Clothing!

3Moffers a wide range of breathing protection products from particle masks, half and full masks, blower and compressed air systems, which can be used in industrial applications under difficult conditions. The 3MEye Protection range offers a wide selection of modern and stylish temple and full vision goggles to protect the eye from a variety of Gefahre's.A further 3Mproduct line is the hearing protection also here a large selection of hearing protection plugs and cap ear protectors is offered which enable the highest possible protection, wearing comfort and maximum user comfortfreund. 3MHere, too, we offer 3Ma wide range of high-quality and stylish protective suits that are breathable and offer you protection, as well asmfass protective clothing, flame retardant and chemical resistant protective suits and overshoes. All 3Mprotective suits comply with the CE standard.

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Procedure for the correct selection and application of respiratory protection systems

Basic measures:
-Replacement, avoidance of Gsefahrs, only then the use of PSA resource plans (suitable persons, aids and care products for disinfection, cleaning and correct storage of respiratory protection systems) - Take organisational measures (provide necessary tests, manuals, certificates, proofs, operating instructions, instructions)- Examine physical and psychological impact on the wearer (e.g. claustrophobia) - Classification of pollutants:Particles:Dry dusts (e.g. Fibres, fine dusts, smoke)Moisture-reactive (hygroscopic) dusts (e.g. crystalline, salt spores, germs, aerosols (e.g. Free floating molecules-water-soluble
, fat-soluble, acidic and basic
gases and vapours ==> fat-soluble gases and vapours, e.g. solvents, do not always cause immediately recognisable damage; long-term damage and long-term consequences are usually inevitable. The analysis oxygenefahrecontent in the ambient air must be at least 17 vol% - Complete determination of allefahrssubstances and conditions ofefahrsuse - Chemical state (e.g. solid, liquid, gaseous) - Quantity and exposure conditions of theefahrssubstances in the working process - Ambient temperatures
and pressures ==>
Changes can clearly influence the protective effect of the system! -

Description of the work steps in the manufacturing process,

taking into account the prevailing temperatures and pressure room and ambient conditions room temperature, warm or hot surface room climate
, e.g. ventilated or exhausted rooms ==>
usually leads to a reduction in the number of protective measures in closed

rooms without exhaustion, boilers, containers ==> usually necessarily leads

to an increase in the effect of protective measures due to aerosols or moisture, fog, etc. -Working times before and after contamination Further
processes - e.g. decontamination
, exposure to decontamination agents in coordination with

the other PPE (clothing, foot protection

, hand protection, head protection etc.)Planned wearing timeDisposable masks
for short wearing times or changing personnel ==> Reusable masks for more frequent wearing times or permanent personnel ==> Blower respiratory protection systems for
longer wearing times Tell us your requirements.
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