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Protective goggles "the equipment of windows"

Scratch resistance (HC) : This is achieved by a special coating available in different grades. For certain applications it is recommended to use safety glasses with an appropriate coating in order to avoid an impairment of the field of vision due to scratches etc. and to extend the service life of the glasses. Anti-fog (AF) Antifog: Under certain operating conditions, the use of fog-free windows is recommended. AF-coated panes do not charge statically and are also scratch-resistant.

Basic standards: EN 166= Personal eye protection, EN 167= Personal eye protection Optical test methods, EN 168= Personal eye protection, Non-optical test methods. Standards according to filters (lenses): EN 169= Filter for welding, EN 170= Ultraviolet filter, EN 171= Infrared filter, EN 172= Commercial use, EN 175= Welding.

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Sight windows: Polycarbonate lenses (PC)= are characterised by their extremely high mechanical strength and are therefore ideally suited as lenses for safety spectacles. Acetate lenses (AC)= are very flexible in shape and therefore ideally suited for use in full-vision spectacles. A special coating prevents the lens from fogging up and therefore ensures a clear view for longer.

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