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Heat & Welders

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General requirements Heat protection gloves

All heat protection gloves must comply with EN 420. It defines the general requirements for gloves.
Here, pictograms, labels, instructions for use and the CE marking are also specified as standards. The calculatedelten values are
incorporated into
standards such as forms and labels

Classification of glovesThe

heat protection gloves are divided into three categories
:CE KAT I: minimum risks, low protection requirements,
declaration of conformity, CE mark, article no. size, naming the manufacturer.

CE KAT II: Medium risk, protection against e.g. mechanical and thermal (up to 350 degrees)

risks, as in KAT I but with pictogram and power levels.

CE KATIII: Highest risk, protection against irreversible damage and fatal injuriesefahre, like KAT I but with pictogram and performance levels, identification number of the testing and

monitoring institute.

Heat-protective gloves up to 250 degreesEvery
CE category
can be used. A single insulated glove made of typical outer materials is sufficient for low thermal stress


cotton loop fabric, leather, single insulated Kevlar knitted gloves. Applications: Baking ovens, light laboratory work, simple welding work, etc.

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