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Disposable gloves in general

Nitrile (NBR) disposable


are supple, elastic, puncture resistant, durable and approved for food contact. Gloves are also available that are free of vulcanization accelerators.

Neoprene is soft, puncture resistant and durable.
Latex/ Natural Rubber (NR) is soft, wear resistant and
provides good grip in a dry working environment.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC/Vinyl) is soft and

can be used for thick and thin gloves...

Polyäthylyn (PE) ) is ideal for thin disposable gloves and is approved for food contact. PE

has very limited protective properties.

Butyl rubber (IIR) ) is soft and protects where

other rubber materials do not work.

Laminates are used in chemical gloves and protect against a wide range of chemicals, but wear comfort is

very limited.

Viton is used in chemical protective gloves and is effective against aromatics and


Polyvinyl alcohol (PVAL) is used in chemical protective gloves and protects against most organic compounds.

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Why unpowdered disposable gloves?

Latex allergies are mostly caused by latex proteins. The allergy is triggered by
direct contact with
the skin or by inhalation.

Gloves with a high content of

latex proteins are


to prevent sticking together.

Powder binds the latex proteins and is

released into the air

when the gloves are put on and taken off

and can therefore be inhaled. In
immediate type allergy
, the
first symptoms
appear after 5 to 30 minutes

: irritation of the mucous membrane, runny nose or asthma

hinder breathing.
Examples of allergic reactions: Respiratory distress, itchy skin, sweating and acute circulatory problems.
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