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Cut protection & stab protection

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Genaure Information on linings and coating materials for cut-resistant glovesLining materials

:Dyneema enables the manufacture of thin, flexible and durable gloves with extremely good cut protectionThe Dyneema Diamond Technology is the new generation of cut-resistant fibers, perfect for harsh environments in which the release of fibrous glove material is strictly prohibited, such as in the automotive industry. Kevlar fibre (combines heat resistance and cut protection) is a cut resistant fibre that we use for various gloves. The material is heat resistant and can be exposed to high temperatures for long periods without damage.
Cut Resistant Fibre (
CRF) technology
is designed to provide exceptional dexterity, which is unusual for a high performance cut protection glove. Coating materials
:Polyurethane (PU) offers excellent grip
in both
and dry environments. It is less effective against the penetration of dampness.

Nitrile rubber (NBR) has a high resistancehbto penetration, offers sufficient grip

and is effective against the penetration of dampness.

Nitrile foam is supple and offers good grip. Also provides

good protection against moisture penetration.

Latex/natural rubber (NR) is highly elastic and offers good grip, but is sensitive

to UV light.

Polyvinyl chloride (OVC/Vinyl) is suitable for heavy and wet work.

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