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Classification of gloves:

In order to meet the requirements of the commercial sector, gloves are divided into 3 categories.
Category I: Minimal risks - Low protection requirement,
Category II: Medium risks - Protection against e.g. mechanical hazards,
Category III: High risks - Protection against irreversible damage and lethal effectsefahre, e.g. damage caused by chemicals


According to the standard
, the marking of protective glovesProtective gloves
are clearly identifiable and permanently marked with at least the following information:
- name of the manufacturer, - EC conformity mark, glovehbdrawing, glove size, and pictogram with standard


Performance level Protective gloves

The special standards define the performance levels on the basis of which the protective capacity of the wearer can be assessed. Starting from category II, the performance levels must be marked with the corresponding pictogram.
Example of explanation EN 388 Machanic risks (of the 4-digit code numbers)
1 Code number describes thee Abriresistance to wear ( min.0, max 4.)2 Code number describes the cut resistance ( min.0, max 5.)3 Code number the tear resistance ( min.0, max 4.),4 Code number the stab resistance ( min.0, max 4.
)Level X means that the test was not carried out on this glove.


years, injuries in the hand area have remained the most frequent cause of occupational accidents, accounting for 1/3 of all injuries. Cut injuries in particular
occupy a top position. However,

damage caused by contact with chemicals is also

often disregarded.

Every company uses a wide variety ofefahrssubstances where

appropriate protection is required.
Here the systems are used to create a protective glove concept. These were developed in order to
occupational safety and
economic efficiency.

Protective glove concepts are suitable for every company, every size of company and every industry

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