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Foot protection


right choice of a safety shoeThe

use of the respective shoes depends on the degree of danger. Additional requirements may be required for all shoes, e.g. requirements for thermal or cold insulation, puncture resistance or electrical contact resistance. These shoes have to be marked accordingly and the company has to procure only foot protection with CE marking. Foot protection is governed by the standards EN ISO 20345:2007 to EN ISO 20347:2007, which classify footwear into different protection classes. Depending on the toe protection, a distinction is made between: Safety shoes according to EN ISO20345: With toe caps for high loads, the protective effect of which is tested with an energy of 200 Joule (abbreviation S). Protective shoes according to EN ISO20346: With toe caps for medium loads, the protective effect of which is tested with an energy of 100 joules (abbreviation P). Professional footwear according to EN ISO20347 Without toe caps. If a cap is available, no requirements are placed on it ( abbreviation O).

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Additional requirements Safety shoesAdditional requirements

can be met depending on the requirements of the application:
Eight different additional requirements are possible and are identified as follows:
P= Penetration safety, C= Conductive shoes, A= Antistatic shoes, HI= Heat insulation, CI= Cold
insulation E= Energy absorption in the heel area, WRU= Water penetration and absorption of the upper part of the shoe, HRO= Behaviour towards contact heat, ORO = Fuel resistantCategories of

safety shoes according to EN ISO 20345:2007SB=

Protective toe cap
SBAE= As SB additional antistatic and energy absorption in the heel area.
S1= Closed heel area, antistatic, energy absorption in the heel area.
S1P= As S1 additionally puncture resistant.
S2 = Same as S1P but suitable for areas where exposure to moisture is to be expected.
S3= Same as S2, but with additional puncture resistance and more profiled outsole.
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