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Warning protection

DIN EN 471 Warning protection - important contents

Jackets, vests, shirts, coats and throws must have a warning colour as background colour (warning yellow, warning orange or warning red). They must have two horizontal reflective strips around the fuselage with am Abstand of 50 mm. The distance between the hem of the garment and the lower edge of the lower reflective strip shall also be at least 50 mm. Long sleeves and trouser legs must have two reflective strips with a tand of 50 mmm Abs
Dungarees and bib shorts must also have a reflective strip around the waist. In
Germany, however,
due to legal regulations, it is usual to use only warning protective clothing of clothing classes 2 and 3. Class 2: Medium protection level e.g. sleeveless, vest, throws, dungarees0
.5 m2 fluorescent
material, 013 m2, retroreflective material, 0.2 m2 retroreflective materialClass 3: Highest protection level e.g. coats and jackets with sleeves, overalls, two-piece suits0.8 m2 fluorescent material3M Scotchlite - Reflective MaterialMilions of
small glass balls reflect the incident light tightly bundled
to the light source.

The result: optimal visibility at night and in any weather.

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