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Howard Leight

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Or the Howard Leightby honeywellQB3 HYG ear muffs. Its soft ear plugs close the ear canal only from the outside, are exchangeablehband easy to take with you. The specially shaped handle prevents the plugs from getting dirty during storage. Manufactured according to EN 352-2 standard and with a weight of 46 g very light, which ensures a pleasant wearing comfort. Of course you will receive spare plugs in all versions without any problems. In case of high consumption, a Howard Leightby hearing protection honeywelldispenser such as the LS 400 would be recommended. With one hand and one twist, the plugs are in your hand. Supports the use by simple removal of plugs. Refilled in a flash with three handles. The Howard LeightLS 400 can be wall-mounted or safely placed on a table or workstation. The ear protection dispenser is delivered with 400 pairs of 303 ear muffs and the Howard LeightThunder T2 could be used as ear muffs. This product is used in medium to high noise ranges or medium and high frequency noise sources. SNR value is 30 dB. The models of the Thunder series offer maximum protection and wearing comfort. The sturdy plastic handle is quickly adapted to any head size. The well ventilated inner headband provides a comfortable fit and many workers require a combination of head and ear protection. In this case it would be advisable to purchase for example the Howard LeightHelmkapsel Thunder T1H with adapter. With the BILSOM adapter system, this Howard Leightear muffs can be attached to almost all common industrial safety helmets and can be snapped into 3 positions.
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