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The hearing protection must be suitable for you and your situation. In order to provide safety, productivity and comfort, hearing 3ME-A-R protection must shield noise to the right extent - not too little, not too much. 3ME-A-R Earplugs are available in a wide range to provide solutions for different wearers and applications. For example, the earplugs with 3ME-A-R Express handle: This type of earplug made of PU foam is particularly easy to insert into the ear canal because no pre-forming is required. Simply and conveniently use the flexible, hygienic handle to optimally place the stopper and thus achieve reliable protection! As these earplugs do 3ME-A-R not have to be preformed, they are the most hygienic form of earplugs! They are therefore particularly suitable for noisy workplaces in heavily polluted environments, or for hearing 3ME-A-R protectors such as the RF01000 Reflex made of polyurethane. They are easy to use, practical and very comfortable to wear. It can also be quickly put on and taken off and can be worn around the neck when not in use. This makes them ideal for temporary use. Reflex takes advantage of EAR-Form foam, which provides excellent insulation. The model of 3ME-A-R is quickly adaptable and can be very easily used together with other PSAs. The userfreundfriendly products help you to protect your employees appropriately! Replacement plugs are available for the majority of models, making this type of hearing protection even more economical, and the 3ME-A-R PELTOR hearing protectors are highly regarded on the market. They offer protection and comfort and are easy to use.
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