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Mechanical protection of gloves

The range of Ansellumfasst includes a wide selection of multi-purpose gloves and thus covers a wide spectrum of different jobs. They are all perfectly adapted to the applications intended for them, in terms of protection, grip and mobility. The effective protective properties protect the wearer from abrasion and cuts, chemicals, extreme temperatures as well as various other factorsefahrein all working areas. The protection of products, for example in the food industry, is covered by the Ansellrange, as is the use in critical areas of application, for example in the pharmaceutical industry.

Protection against chemicals and liquids

As a leading manufacturer of nitrile gloves, we offer Ansellexcellent product solutions to protect against alkalis, oils, many solvents and animal fats. Despite the thin polymer, nitrile gloves offer exceptional tear and puncture resistance, abrasion and cut resistance. The use of nitrile gloves is not suitable for working with ketones and some special organic solvents.
Product Protection Pharmacy and Electronics
Ansell offers a widemfassrange of work gloves that can be used in strictly controlled environments and require unique characteristics to meet room specifications. These include above all the pharmaceutical and electronics sectors.
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